Following each session of the Indiana State Legislature, the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) hosts a series of town hall meetings around the state to review the past session and to develop priorities for the next legislative session.

The 2020 town hall meetings were held online June 11 and June 25 in a virtual environment hosted by New America Indianapolis. You can get specifics in this news release issued by the IBLC.

All of these meetings are free and open to the public. At each of these town hall meetings, members of the IBLC attend to inform the public about legislation enacted during the previous session. IBLC members field questions about the legislative process and their role in it. Attendees have the opportunity to help the IBLC lay the groundwork for its future legislative agenda as it relates to economic justice, social opportunity and racial equality.

We fully expect the annual town hall meetings series to continue after the 2021 session has completed its work in late April.