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Indiana Black Legislative Caucus

Indiana’s minority communities share a long and proud history, a history that has provided hope and inspiration to generation after generation. Unfortunately, it is a history also marked by pain, struggle, and even bloodshed. The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) is working to overcome the wrongs of the past as we pursue the social and economic initiatives that make up our work at the Indiana Statehouse.

The members of the IBLC hold fast to the following principles as we work to develop policies and pass laws that will positively impact minority communities throughout the state. These ideas are constantly changing to reflect the needs of Indiana’s citizens and the communities in which they live.

IBLC Mission Statement

  1. Greater economic, educational and social opportunities for all residents of Indiana;
  2. Improved educational efforts to close the achievement gap that threatens to shut the doors to opportunity for minority students at all grade levels;
  3. Enhanced public policies that will address the primary concerns of minority citizens in Indiana, including the need to reduce crime, gun violence and domestic violence within our communities; and
  4. Targeted assistance to address the needs of families struggling to obtain basic necessities such as housing, utilities, clothing and food.
  5. Access to adequate healthcare that will increase better health outcomes and decrease health disparities.
Members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus

The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus is currently comprised of 9 members of the Indiana House of Representatives and five members of the Indiana State Senate.

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