Porter pushes for increased transparency and oversight of nearly $1.9 billion in unallocated CARES Act funds

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) again pushed for meaningful transparency and oversight of the federal stimulus money allotted to Indiana in the Coronavirus Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act at a State Budget Committee hearing on June 17.

Porter stressed the unparalleled importance of delivering this relief in the targeted and effective manner this crisis demands, and expressed his discontent for the Governor's decision to not involve the legislature or State Budget Committee in the decision-making process. He urged his colleagues on the State Budget Committee to work within their purview to oversee the nearly $1.9 billion still left to be allocated.

“I sincerely believe that transparency and accountability are key characteristics of the duties and responsibilities carried out by the State Budget Committee,” Porter said.

“Unlike the leadership in almost all other states, the Holcomb administration has not provided real transparency or accountability in regards to how CARES Act funding is being allocated. It is past time for the State Budget Committee to get involved and ensure the will of the people and the Indiana General Assembly is being upheld. The workings of the State Budget Committee are public record and subject to scrutiny, unlike the Governor's Economic Relief and Recovery Team which meets behind closed doors, doesn't keep meeting minutes, or make decisions public record.”

The State Budget Committee meeting last Wednesday was not the first time Porter addressed these concerns. On April 30, Porter sent a letter to Indiana State Budget Committee Chairman Tim Brown regarding his belief that the State Budget Committee should be involved in the decision-making process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Porter emphasized the importance of the State Budget Committee's role as a vital safeguard for some of the state's biggest budgeting matters, and emphasized the need for Brown and other committee members to review their role in the disbursement of CARES Act money. Read the full letter here: https://indianahousedemocrats.org/news-media/porter-pushes-for-indiana-state-budget-committees-right-to-review-covid-19-related-funding-actions

“The State Budget Committee recently proved its ability to collaborate for the betterment of state finances when my revised version of the Medicaid Forecast received bipartisan approval,” Porter continued. “I'm imploring that the State Budget Committee be given this same opportunity for the largest federal stimulus in our nation's history.”

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