Porter fears inaction will send $930 million of virus relief meant for the Hoosier State back to Washington, DC

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INDIANAPOLIS – As other states prepare to spend their remaining federal COVID-19 relief before the end-of-year deadline, State Representative Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) fears Indiana’s inaction will send $930 million back to Washington D.C. while Hoosiers and small-business owners continue to struggle.

As COVID-19 cases surge, it becomes increasingly apparent that the Hoosier economy will continue to suffer. Reports show dismal figures including increased food insecurity, tens of thousands facing eviction, and 2 out of 5 restaurants closing in the next 6 months. After ignoring Indiana House Democrats’ proposals and calls for involvement in the spending process, Governor Eric Holcomb must now spend the remainder of the nearly $1 billion or return it to the federal government on Dec. 30.

“Hoosiers and small-business owners literally cannot afford to wait any longer for relief,” Porter said. “While the Holcomb administration sits on a treasure chest of the people’s taxpayer dollars, families are struggling to put food on the table and businesses are closing left and right. For the last 8 months, Indiana Democrats have remained committed to recovering the state’s economic and physical health. It is far past time we see that same urgency from our Republican counterparts.

“If the state government does not meet the challenges of this moment and lets a billion dollars in aid slip away, Indiana’s families, small-business owners, unemployed workers and renters could be facing a dismal future.”

Across the U.S., Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act dollars have been used in both red and blue states to provide desperately needed relief. Porter, alongside other Indiana House Democrats, has offered similar innovative and impactful solutions, including the following in chronological order:

Porter: Holcomb has a responsibility to invest state dollars into Indiana’s human infrastructure during COVID-19 pandemic

Porter urges governor to give $30 million in excess TMSA fund to local health departments on the frontline of COVID-19 pandemic

Porter urges governor to drive more resources to African American communities in Indiana as they are experiencing higher rates of death from COVID-19

Porter pushes for Indiana State Budget Committee’s right to review COVID-19-related funding actions

Porter pushes for increased transparency and oversight of nearly $1.9 billion in unallocated CARES Act funds

Porter expresses concern for vital needs left unfunded in Governor’s current plan for CARES Act

Porter introduces innovative proposal to provide relief for student loan borrowers amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Porter urges Holcomb to provide $100 state unemployment match

Porter sends follow-up letter urging governor to get CARES Act dollars to Hoosiers before deadline

Porter urges consideration of Indiana schools before CARES Act money is returned on Dec. 30 deadline

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