New laws aim to help Hoosier families

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The Indiana General Assembly has adjourned for the year, and I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and comments over the past few months. I am pleased we worked together to pass meaningful legislation that will help local residents, such as our efforts to improve economic development opportunities, make our schools safer and ensure Hoosiers with pre-existing medical conditions are covered by health insurance. Below is detailed information about two new laws I was pleased to support in response to local concerns:

Traffic Amnesty Program

A new traffic amnesty program I co-authored will allow drivers with suspended licenses due to unpaid fines to apply for a 50 percent reduction of court fines and the reinstatement fee. House Bill 1141 allows local residents to be able to drive to work, transport family members or do other important tasks related to having a driver’s license. The program begins in January of 2020, and I will provide specific details in a future mailing.

Prescription Drug Study Committee

I supported House Bill 1029 to encourage the legislature to set up an interim study committee to explore issues related to prescription drug pricing, access and costs. I am hopeful we can find ways to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable.

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