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Klinker: “Parents on attendant care program are the embodiment of selflessness and love”

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Today, March 8, the Indiana House of Representatives approved an updated version of Senate Bill 256 without the amendments for the Medicaid attendant care program. The amendments attempted to increase transparency and provide relief to families at risk of losing services following the $1 billion shortfall. 

State Rep. Sheila Klinker released the following comforting statement: 

“Our families with medically complex loved ones are facing immense hardship. In the past couple of months, their financial well-being has been questioned due to the proposed cuts to the Medicaid attendant care program. The funding these families receive through this program is essential for their well-being. Many of them have forgone careers to care for their children with severe developmental disabilities. I believe the mothers, fathers and other relatives on the Medicaid attendant care program are the embodiment of familial selflessness. 

“I’m deeply saddened that our families were denied relief from the proposed cuts after closed-door negotiations. I know how important this funding is to our most vulnerable, and I believe that trained parents and loved ones provide the best care possible. I would like to thank Debby Holcombe, a loving mother who cares for her son Michael, for visiting the Statehouse and sharing her story with me. I hope we can continue to work together during the interim to find a solution to this issue. To our families on this program, thank you for the care you are providing and the love you share with others.” 

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