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Porter: “I don’t see fiscal conservatism; I see fiscal mismanagement”

Today, March 8, the Indiana House of Representatives approved an updated version of Senate Bill 256 without the amendments for the Medicaid attendant care program. The amendments attempted to increase transparency and provide relief to families at risk of losing services following the $1 billion shortfall. 

“I’ve been disappointed in my colleagues across the aisle countless times, but their decision today blows all their past actions out of the water. They turned a blind eye to our families who are financially and physically stressed since they’re caring for medically complex loved ones. Statehouse Republicans expect you to grin and bear this hardship that they can’t even fathom. To make matters worse, they made this decision behind closed doors. They stripped these amendments during a private conversation. They didn’t even have the basic decency to do this in front of the public. 

“We have the funding to provide our families with relief. I’ve stated countless times that our revenue forecast has a projected surplus of $450 million. We still have $158 million in the Medicaid reserve that we attribute to the shortfall. I’ve endlessly called for Republicans to stop the reversion and diversion of Medicaid dollars to the General Fund. They’ve constantly moved that money around like it’s their personal checking account. Since 2011, they’ve reverted over $1.74 billion to whatever project they choose. They’re supposed to be the fiscally conservative party, but all I’ve seen while they’ve controlled the Medicaid program is fiscal mismanagement.

“Today, they stripped amendments ensuring families still received 80% of their A&D waiver stipend. House Democrats passed a couple of transparency amendments that took a deeper look into the shortfall and added additional members to the Medicaid Oversight Committee. Each and every one of these amendments was removed in secrecy as well. To our Hoosier families on attendant care, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this hardship. I’m sorry Statehouse leadership turned a deaf ear to your pleas. But I believe that you reap what you sow, and I hope the people remember this.”

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