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Campbell: Indiana intervenes in another personal health decision putting politics over people

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On Tuesday, Feb. 27,  the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the injunction halting Indiana's ban on gender-affirming medical care for minors. Following the court's decision, the ban took effect immediately.

State Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette)  released the following statement:

“I’m devastated for our state as the gender-affirming care ban went into effect without warning. Many of our families were abruptly left without medical care for their children. To make matters worse, doctors in Indiana are unable to refer families to other doctors out-of-state. Illinois and Michigan are the only neighboring states that are currently accepting out-of-state referrals. I fear for our families who lack access to the funding and transportation to find care out of state.

“Everybody has different healthcare needs, and their personal health choices shouldn’t be a topic of debate. This type of medical care is safe, effective and important to the well-being of Hoosiers. Researchers and experts have studied the effect of this type of care for decades. Scientific evidence shows that transgender individuals with access to care see a positive impact on their mental and physical health. It’s heartbreaking that the state has interjected itself into a deeply personal choice that should remain between an individual, their family, and their doctor.

“Many loving Hoosier parents simply want their children to feel cared for and happy. This ban poses a significant threat to their desire. Banning these personal health decisions for minors singles out the Hoosier LGBTQ+ community and undermines families' and individuals' right to make their own decisions. I beg my colleagues across the aisle to review the facts and statistics. Pay attention to how this ban affects the happiness and well-being of youth in your communities. This measure is both undeniably un-scientific and undeniably tragic. 

“For families who are affected by this ban, there are resources available to support you. Indiana Youth Group (IYG) is hosting a therapeutic support group and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana (ACLU) has information on their website. The West Lafayette chapter of TransParent USA is another resource. To the transgender community in my district, please know that I see you, I support you and I stand with you.”

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