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Hatcher votes to send public retirees, including teachers, a 13th check

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Today, Jan. 22, State Rep. Ragen Hatcher (D-Gary) voted to send public retirees a 13th check this year. After today’s vote, House Bill 1004 has passed the House of Representatives and is heading to the Senate for consideration. 

“Our public retirees and teachers deserve a 13th check after they’ve worked hard to support our state. They’ve dedicated their professional lives to the service of others, and I believe they’ve earned a 13th check a thousand times over. My mother taught in Gary schools for over 40 years. It’s retirees like her who deserve to be commended for their service to our youth and our neighborhoods. House Bill 1004 is a step towards providing our retirees with the relief they are owed. Many of our seniors rely on this extra boost to cover high costs of living – including prescriptions, utilities and groceries. 

“Simultaneously, a 13th check would boost the economy by increasing the money spent in local businesses and restaurants.  It’s something that would benefit both our retirees and our communities. I’m pleased that we passed House Bill 1004 for consideration in the Senate. We have acted in the best interest of Hoosier retirees, and I'm thankful that they’re receiving a benefit they’ve undoubtedly earned.” 

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