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Following K9 attack in Lafayette, Campbell comments on apparent use of excessive force by police

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INDIANAPOLIS – Today, State Representative Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) commented on the apparent use of excessive force by the Lafayette Police Department (LPD) in their apprehension of Richard Bailey Jr. on May 9.

Body camera footage from the incident and subsequent hospital trip showed Bailey's encounter with law enforcement turning violent when a police K9 mauled his neck for over 30 seconds. Bailey—who is a Black man—suffered injuries to his trachea, carotid artery, neck, shoulder and fingers that left him in a medically induced coma for six days.

On June 11, the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor tasked a special prosecutor with the investigation of May's events, including the resisting arrest and battery claims against Bailey, and the potential crimes of three LPD officers against Bailey during apprehension.

“The body camera footage from the attempted apprehension of Richard Bailey Jr. was extremely difficult to watch, but we cannot turn a blind eye,” Campbell said. “We count on law enforcement to protect and serve our communities. After an interaction with law enforcement, a member of our community was hospitalized for 11 days. Like others residing in the Lafayette-area, I have been monitoring the ongoing investigation and hoping for justice.”

Campbell and other Indiana House Democrats have been outspoken about the unfolding of events following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In a June press release, Campbell discussed the need for legislative change to prevent future tragedies.

“If that night had gone any worse, Richard Bailey Jr. could have been Lafayette's George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or one of the many who should still be with us today,” Campbell said.

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