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Rep. Chris Campbell issues statement on George Floyd protests

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INDIANAPOLIS – Following nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd's tragic death, State Representative Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) released the following statement:

“The unrest we are seeing here in Indiana and across our nation isn’t just in response to a life tragically taken,” Campbell said. “It's a response to the anger and sadness that comes from witnessing countless acts of institutional violence against members of the Black community. As an American and Hoosier, I share in those feelings of anger and sadness. Yesterday, like many others, I chose to exercise my First Amendment right and join peaceful protesters from my own community in solidarity.

“Legislators and local leaders alike should be using the time following this tragedy to amplify the voice and needs of the people in our communities,” Campbell said. “I'm committed to listening and learning while finding the best legislative solutions to prevent further tragedy and address the systemic issues facing our state and nation.”

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