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Fleming votes to send public retirees, including teachers a 13th check this year

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Today, Jan. 22, State Rep. Fleming (D-Jeffersonville) voted to send public retirees a 13th check this year. After today’s vote, House Bill 1004 has passed the House of Representatives and is heading to the Senate for consideration. 

“I’m pleased that House Bill 1004 passed for consideration to the Senate. I look forward to giving retired public servants the relief they deserve through a 13th check. This is something the legislature promised last session that we failed to deliver. Today, we were able to make good on our promise. 

“This will provide much-needed relief to those on fixed incomes to combat the rising costs of prescriptions, utilities or groceries. At the same time, a 13th check will stimulate the economy by giving retirees more to spend on local businesses and restaurants. This benefit is a smart public investment in those whose careers have benefitted the state. Again, I’m happy that we were able to support our publicly retired Hoosiers with this legislation.” 

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