State Rep. John L. Bartlett announces 2021 legislative agenda

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INDIANAPOLIS - State Rep. John L. Bartlett (D-Indianapolis) today announced his agenda for the 2021 Legislative Session. Bartlett plans to continue his fight for justice reform, accessible education and enhanced public safety as the state's next budget session begins.

“In light of the overwhelming number of injustices the Black community endured last year, and continues to fight against today, we need to take a real look at how our criminal justice system is treating Hoosiers,” Bartlett said.

“I will once again be introducing legislation to establish a criminal justice study committee, which would be tasked with conducting a multiyear, comprehensive study on our state's criminal justice system. We need a system that focuses on reformation and rehabilitation, not vindictiveness nor isolation.

“Justice reform goes hand-in-hand with education, economic development and so many other areas of our daily lives. We cannot hope to create real change without first addressing the accessibility issues of our education system. I will introduce legislation that provides another route for in-need Hoosiers to obtain further education and improve their career opportunities.

“All of the work we do here at the Statehouse affects the wellbeing of our children: justice reform, better education, public funding… all of it. I will continue to fight for legislation that supports and improves the safety of our state's children. They are the next step in Indiana's legacy and deserve the best we can give them.”

The 2021 Legislative Session began yesterday.

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