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State Rep. Gore comments on mass shooting at FedEx facility

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Mitch Gore (D-Indianapolis), a law enforcement officer, today issued the following statement on the tragic shooting at the FedEx Ground Plainfield Operations Center:

“Brittany and I are thinking about those who lost their lives at the Indianapolis FedEx facility last night. They didn’t deserve this. Their loved ones, coworkers, and the first responders don’t deserve the unimaginable trauma they’re going through now.

“We can and must do better. We have the resources, the data, and the policy outlines to meaningfully address both the access to firearms for those who shouldn’t have them, and the underlying issues that cause people to use them with such devastating effects.

“In these final days of the legislative session, I promise to insert this issue into every related conversation. In the meantime, please hug your family and friends, or call them if they’re not near, and tell them what they mean to you.”

Gore authored an amendment this session to enact responsible firearm storage standards.

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