Smith joins House Democrats’ call for Holcomb to veto permitless carry, a ‘tragedy for Indiana’

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INDIANAPOLIS- State Representative Dr. Vernon G. Smith (D-Gary) released the following statement calling on Governor Holcomb to veto dangerous permitless carry legislation:

Smith joined House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) and members of the Indiana House Democratic Caucus in calling for a veto in a recent letter

“The passage of this legislation will only lead to greater violence in our state,” Smith said. “The signing of this bill into law will be a nightmare for law enforcement officers. Ignoring the pleas of law enforcement officers who testified in opposition to this bill goes against common sense and will put our front line officers at risk.

“If permitless carry becomes law in Indiana, it would be a tragedy for our state,” Smith added.

“Democrats support law enforcement officers and measures that will keep our communities safe; permitless carry takes us in the opposite direction. I hope the governor will consider the long-term consequences of the legislation and prevent it from becoming law with a veto.”

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