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Republicans vote ‘no’ on DeLaney’s tax cut amendment

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INDIANAPOLIS - Today, Indiana House Republicans voted against an amendment authored by State Representative Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) that would lower the tax rate for the vast majority of Hoosiers.

Amendment #4 to House Bill 1002 would gradually lower the gross income tax rate for anyone making under $300,000 a year from 3.23% to 3% by 2026. The rate would remain the same for those above that level.

“If we’re going to reduce taxes we should do it in a way that helps our people, especially those that are lower and middle income,” DeLaney said. ”All this amendment says is those who benefit from our current tax system pay a little bit more. 

“A true fiscal conservative says we don't cut the future off, but it seems the last thing the majority wants to do is invest in the future,” DeLaney said.

DeLaney’s amendment was voted down 59-27.

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