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Representative Terry Goodin introduces Laura’s Law

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Terry Goodin (D-Austin) is fighting to save those who suffer from domestic abuse by pushing legislation that allows law enforcement officials to file an arrest order more than once.

House Bill 1518 is in memory of a Jefferson County woman named Laura Russell, who was tragically murdered last October by her husband, Anthony.

Laura had filed for divorce and got a no contact order quickly after because of a domestic altercation. However, Laura was still being harassed and stalked by her husband.

This legislation will allow deputy prosecutors to issue another arrest warrant for an individual who has committed domestic battery if the court denies the first request due to lack of evidence.
The court will conduct an ex parte hearing to give the prosecutor a chance to plead a case for an arrest warrant and any other penalty.

If the court denies the request of a warrant in the ex parte hearing, then they will issue a summons for the defendant and notify the victim.

Goodin is also requiring a bail hearing if the defendant is charged and an increase in the penalty for invasion of privacy to a Level 6 felony if a person violates a no contact order that was issued.

“It is important we remember women like Laura Russell,” said Goodin. “Therefore it is our job to create new legislation that will ensure the safety of current and future victims.”

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