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Rep. Rita Fleming says rising road costs are hurting Hoosiers—calls on governor to take action

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INDIANAPOLIS –  State Rep. Rita Fleming (D-Jeffersonville) is urging Governor Eric Holcomb to heed the calls from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to leave the toll road rate increase at 2.5% as opposed to the rate of inflation, which is 8.3%.

Previously, Gov. Holcomb declined to limit the increase in cost at the toll road between Louisville and Clark County. The two toll projects Kentucky and Indiana oversee – the RiverLink bridges and the Indiana Toll Road – have recently seen rates rise more than 9% as a result of soaring inflation.

“Of course, we want to continue to fund our roads and infrastructure,” Fleming said. “But this price increase is hitting Hoosiers at a particularly vulnerable economic time. If he limits the price increase, Gov. Holcomb has an opportunity to give both commuters and truck drivers in our state much-needed relief. The limitation will allow Indiana residents to manage increasing costs, including high gas prices.”

The toll road increase is set to begin on July 1 and will elevate rates for all types of vehicles using the downtown Interstate 65 Kennedy and Lincoln bridges as well as the upriver Lewis and Clark Bridge. Rates for passenger vehicles may be as high as $4.80 and semi-trucks and other large trucks may pay up to $14.38.

“We have to work together to find a better solution for our residents and those traveling through our great state,” Fleming added.

“All my constituents want is to afford to go to work and feed their families, so let’s do whatever we can to help them do just that. These are taxpayer dollars, and we need to be sure that not only are we using it responsibly, but that it goes toward increasing the quality of life for Hoosiers.”

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