Rep. Ed DeLaney amendment to coal bill blocked from debate by House Republicans

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) today attempted to amend House Bill 1414 to protect the interests of Hoosiers and preserve the integrity of our state’s political system.

DeLaney’s Amendment #1 would have made it a Level 6 felony for a coal interest or person who has vested interest in coal to make a contribution to a political candidate or committee.

“It is true that I have opposed legislation aimed at protecting the coal industry since the beginning,” DeLaney said. “However, I find there are much larger systemic issues at play here that need to be addressed.

“This coal bailout would raise the cost of electricity for Hoosiers and worsen the air quality in our state.”

During discussions on the House floor, the bill’s author, Rep. Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso), suggested that this bill would cost the people of Indiana an additional $1 a month. If 6.69 million Hoosiers were to pay $12 a year, that totals nearly $80.3 million in taxpayer subsidies.

“I’ve grown concerned about the growing distrust Hoosiers have in our political system,” DeLaney added.

“If the state is going to subsidize an industry at the expense of taxpayers, lawmakers should not be allowed to take political contributions from that industry. Special interests shouldn’t be influencing such impactful legislation. The amendment I offered today would’ve held the coal industry to the same standards as casinos who can’t contribute to political campaigns. I am concerned to restore a greater sense of trust between Hoosiers and their legislators.”

The amendment was blocked from debate on the House floor by House Republicans.

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