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Pryor comments on anti-ESG policy heading to governor’s desk

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Yesterday, the Indiana House of Representatives concurred on House Bill 1008, a measure that attacks businesses that want to be socially responsible. The bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk despite outcry of its negative impacts on state pension investments. Multiple versions of this HB 1008 show millions in adverse impacts, although the final language voted on today does not have a fiscal impact report. 

State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis), a member of the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee, voted against all of the anti-ESG proposals this legislative session. Today, Pryor released the following statement urging Governor Holcomb to veto the legislation:

“Upon the concurrence vote for House Bill 1008, Rep. Manning (R-Logansport) said that this bill ensures ‘financial returns trump all,’” Pryor said. This means money over the health, safety and civil rights of people. 

“Although the Senate version of HB 1008 is not as strong as the version we passed earlier this session, this bill is ultimately a message bill – it’s intended to tell companies not to invest in diversity and inclusion. If we want to create a 21st-century economy in Indiana, we have to recognize the ever-changing landscape of business in the state and across America. More African Americans, people of color, women and folks from all walks of life are making their marks in business. Forward-thinking companies understand that a diversity of life experiences and perspectives will ultimately make their business strategy stronger and result in better returns for shareholders.” 

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