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Pryor comments on AES rate hike approval

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Yesterday, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) approved the AES Indiana rate increase agreement. The approved settlement will increase the annual revenue for AES by $71 million, and increase the average monthly residential electric bill by $9.36 per month. The initial request made by AES would have seen consumer rates go up by $17.50 and increase revenue by $134 million. 

State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement regarding the approval of AES’ increase: 

“Over the last decade, AES Indiana has raised their consumer rates by an audacious 34%. With the ever-increasing cost of living, Hoosiers are facing enormous hardship to keep up with their monthly bills. I am concerned that AES was once again allowed to hike monthly rates on consumers for little other purpose than to increase profits. 

“This last legislative session, I offered numerous policy solutions to try to ease the burden of constant rate increases on Hoosier wallets. One of these measures was a one-year freeze on utilities raising their rates to give Hoosiers a chance to catch their breath. Unfortunately, the House Republican supermajority struck this down. 

“The last time AES raised their rates was in part to cover a system upgrade that has utterly failed consumers. Since this ‘upgrade’ customers have experienced issues such as bills being withdrawn up to 10 times from their accounts without an immediate refund, payments being reported missing, or charges on their account that are three times the normal amount with no explanation. We should not allow AES to take more from consumers when they face so many current challenges that are negatively impacting consumers.” 

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