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Pryor applauds increased accessibility to Indiana’s TANF program

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INDIANAPOLIS — More families will be eligible for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program through House Enrolled Act 1009, which recently passed both chambers and is on its way to the governor’s desk. 

State Representative Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) is proud to be a co-author of the bill that will help families today and continue to help them in years to come.

“TANF and this bill helps lift people out of poverty,” Pryor said. “Sometimes, all these families need is somebody to reach out a hand and break the cycle of poverty that can affect generations. TANF can be that hand to so many families now.”

While TANF is federally funded, states decide who is eligible. Indiana currently has the lowest eligibility percentage in the Midwest, with only six out of 100 families living in poverty meeting the state’s qualifications. 

The bill now increases the earned income tax credit to 10% from 9%. Under the new bill, additional annual income of $15,000 earned by a family will not be considered as changing eligibility status if that income is earned by an individual who resides in the household; is less than 24 years of age; and is a student pursuing a postsecondary degree, workforce certificate, a pre-apprenticeship or an apprenticeship.

“The $15,000 exemption encourages people to pursue educational opportunities beyond high school,” Pryor said. “Their family will still qualify for the program and still get the help they need, and then that individual will be free to pursue a degree or certificate or whatever dream they have past high school.”

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