Porter dementia care specialist program bill passes out of the House

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Today, Hoosiers are one step closer to more accurately identifying signs of early Alzheimer’s and dementia. House Bill 1422, authored by Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis), passed 92-0 out of the House of Representatives. This bill would establish a dementia care specialist program within each Area Agency on Aging in Indiana to treat Alzheimer's and dementia in its earliest forms. Affected individuals with the disease will be connected to appropriate health care providers and support services. 

“I’m energized to see the House’s support to empower our 15 Area Agencies on Aging to provide dementia care specialists for Hoosiers affected by these unforgiving diseases,” Porter said.  “A person’s best chance to fight Alzheimer and dementia is in its early stages, and these specialist programs will help affected individuals protect themselves and maintain their memory and independence for as long as possible.”

HB 1422 moves to the Senate for consideration.

“As this bill continues to move, I am hopeful the Senate will support the opportunity to fight a disease that already affects 110,000 Hoosiers.”

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