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Jackson lead contamination testing in children’s drinking water bill passes out of the House

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This afternoon, State Representative Carolyn Jackson (D-Hammond)’s House Bill 1138 passed out of the House of Representatives. The bill will test drinking water in childcare and preschool facilities for lead, a well-known toxin tied to permanent impacts on neurological development.

“Today the House decided it was time to take preventative measures,” Jackson said. “The water these children drink today will impact them tomorrow, so testing what is consumed daily is an action we must take. As a mother and state representative, it is my duty to protect young children who are going through their most crucial developmental stages in life.”

HB 1138 moves to the Senate for consideration.

“I urge my Senate colleagues to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to our children’s health. We have the chance to find sources of lead and eliminate them before it creates lasting impacts. This bill has given the House peace of mind. Now it is time for the Senate to do the same.”

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