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Politics over parents: Indiana Governor signs ban on gender-affirming care

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Governor Eric Holcomb today signed a ban on all gender-affirming care for minors. Despite outcry from medical professionals and pleas from parents, Indiana will join the 12 states enacting restrictions or bans on these medical interventions. Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) issued his support to LGBTQ Hoosiers, ultimately condemning the bill becoming law. 

“Conservatives are leaning into the culture wars and putting politics over parents,” GiaQuinta said. “Let’s face it: no parent has it all figured out but the last thing they need is help from politicians.  Hoosiers value freedom, family and the opportunity to live life with minimal interference from the government. Indiana Republicans – supposedly the party of small government – have now given themselves the unilateral authority to dictate what health care choices parents are able to make for their children. This legislation or issue may not affect your family directly, but should be a warning to every Hoosier that, with the swipe of a pen, your liberties can be taken by the Indiana GOP.”

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