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Bauer releases the following statement after the House votes on SB 480

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Rep. Maureen Bauer (D-South Bend) issued the following statement upon the passage of Senate Bill 480 out of the Indiana House of Representatives. The bill is a ban on parents' ability to seek gender-affirming medical care for their children.

“First, I want our transgender youth, their families and the larger LGBTQ+ community to know that you belong in Indiana,” Bauer said. “I'm proud that you are my friends, neighbors and constituents, and I remain profoundly troubled that the supermajority has decided to prioritize a message of exclusion and intolerance this session.

“I voted against Senate Bill 480 because I oppose legislating hate. I oppose the intrusion of big government making your personal healthcare decisions for you. It is clear that the Indiana Republican Party is no longer the self-declared party of small government. Instead, they've decided that they know best when making medical decisions for you and your child.  I share your frustration, when witnessing elected officials only back science, support parental rights or endorse the right to choose when it serves their own political agenda of fear and isolation. It's clear that the transgender community is the new target. I am disappointed that the supermajority did not stick to their word of avoiding divisive, social issues this session, and instead, decided that the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable populations was worth sacrificing in order to score political points with an extreme, fringe base.”

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