Pfaff criticizes Statehouse Republicans’ lack of transparency, calls for abortion legislation details to be released

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TERRE HAUTE – As the Statehouse nears the start of an unprecedented special session on July 25, State Rep. Tonya Pfaff (D-Terre Haute) is criticizing the lack of transparency Republicans are offering the public regarding their legislative plans

“Legislators have a duty to answer their constituents' questions and be up front with their agendas, especially in situations such as this,” Pfaff said. “Unfortunately, Republicans seem to have forgotten that fact. While millions of Hoosiers are awaiting their plan, Republicans have spent the last month scheming behind closed doors and refusing to answer questions. We are completely in the dark as to what the future for all women in Indiana will look like. 

“The issue of abortion in our state deserves a thorough, vetted, and detailed analysis with ample public input,” Pfaff added. “This legislation will impact every one of us. All Hoosiers deserve to know exactly what the GOP’s plan will be and lawmakers need ample time to review every aspect of the proposed legislation.

“I am asking that Indiana Republicans stop hiding from voters and negotiating behind closed doors. They need to release their legislative plan and agenda to the public.” 

Republicans have announced they plan to place further restrictions on abortion during the special session starting July 25 but have provided no specifics as to the final legislation and hearing dates.

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