State Rep. Sheila Klinker says new laws strive to improve school environments

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Education has been my life’s passion, so I was pleased the legislature passed measures during the 2018 Legislative Session designed to ensure all students can learn in a safe and productive environment.

All students should be able to attend school free from bullying and fear. That’s why I co-authored House Enrolled Act 1356 to establish parameters for schools to identify bullying incidents, submit reports and undergo audits by the Department of Education – all with the goal of recognizing problem areas and protecting our students. I was proud to be a part of the great bipartisan effort that resulted in this common-sense new law and pleased to attend the signing ceremony for this legislation held by Governor Holcomb at the Statehouse in June.

House Enrolled Act 1421, which received unanimous approval, seeks to improve discipline issues in our schools. The law outlines the development of a school discipline model by the state’s Department of Education with an emphasis on more positive solutions for discipline in order to reduce suspensions and expulsions. The ultimate goal is to determine the cause of misbehavior, prevent referrals to police, create a safer school environment and keep our kids in the classroom.

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