Macer: Maintaining convenient access to Indiana’s public trails

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Local residents have been working for more than a decade now to build, improve and connect the trails located in Indiana House District 92. The trails have led to economic development and revitalization efforts as well as improved quality of life on the west side of Indianapolis.

In order to protect property owners who live along the trails, I co-authored House Bill 1115 to address concerns about the potential for lawsuits when trail users veer off path or use private property as an access point to a trail.

This new law:

  • Protects property owners from liability concerns
  • Allows neighborhoods to maintain convenient trail access
  • Supports the expansion of trails, rails-to-trails and greenways across Indiana
  • Encourages economic development along trails
  • Does NOT condone trespass or reduce property rights in any way

It is my hope this measure will provide peace of mind for property owners knowing that they can allow access to trails through their property without the burden of being exposed to unnecessary risk.

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