Leader Terry Goodin asks for an ongoing legislative study of Indiana school safety

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INDIANAPOLIS – Below is the text of a letter from Indiana House Democratic Leader Terry Goodin from Austin to members of the Legislative Council asking for an ongoing legislative study of school safety across the state:



The Honorable Brian Bosma, Chairman
Indiana Legislative Council
State House
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Speaker Bosma:

Recently the fears of every Hoosier parent, teacher, student and school administrator were realized when an active shooter incident happened in Indiana. This should be a wakeup call for the leaders of Indiana to do more. Even though our state is on the leading edge in the nation in regards to School Safety, we still need to do more.

Beginning this summer, I am asking that we add a permanent school safety commission to our roster of Interim Study Committees.

I know that there are at least two efforts under way to look at making our schools safer. Both the Indiana Department of Education and the Secured School Safety Board have been asked to study the current state of School Safety and make recommendations for improvements.

However, whatever changes are needed will end up being considered by the Indiana General Assembly. I believe it is imperative that state lawmakers take an active role on this issue from the start, and be ready to act on a bipartisan series of initiatives to ensure our schools are truly safe havens.

In addition to legislators, I am proposing this commission should be made up of a wide range of people. Yes, we need to hear from law enforcement and educators, but we also need to seek active participation from parents, students and everyone who has a stake in this issue. We should be willing to listen to all thoughts and ideas, no matter how complicated, controversial, or mundane.

As an educator, school administrator, lawmaker and parent, I feel it is time to take this challenge to the next level. With a budget session beginning next January, we need to begin to figure out now what we need to do legislatively. That means we need to make sure that we have the most thorough and realistic plans ready to go by the time the Legislature reconvenes. I ask for your consideration of my request.


Dr. Terry A. Goodin
House Democratic Leader

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