Macer addresses complaints about new program providing needed transportation for Medicaid patients

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INDIANAPOLIS - State Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Speedway) issued the following statement in response to numerous complaints about the new statewide transportation program that was put in place to provide rides for Medicaid patients to and from their medical appointments:

“Our most vulnerable citizens are in need of important medical care, but are being left stranded. Meanwhile, SoutheasTrans is able to collect on their $128 million contract without following through on their pledge.

“To be aware of this ongoing issue and then refusing to correct it amounts to gross negligence on the part of our Republican leadership. The Governor must show leadership on this issue, cancel this contract and take ownership of this disastrous situation.

“We need to do better for our citizens. We need accountability and transparency. We need our leaders to show up and do the right thing for Hoosiers everywhere.”

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