GiaQuinta: Hoosier families taking home less now than they were in 2007

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INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today released the following statement after reviewing American Community Survey data issued by the U.S. Census Bureau that shows Hoosiers are taking home less than they were in 2007:

“This Census data clearly shows that, adjusted for inflation, Hoosiers are taking home, on average, $1,700 less than they were in 2007.

“While Indiana Republicans continue to boast about a growing economy in our state, it’s clear that everyday Hoosier families are not seeing that reflected in their paychecks.

“That’s because this economic growth means success for corporations and the wealthiest in our state, while hardworking Hoosiers are left behind.

“Indiana House Democrats believe in putting everyday Hoosier families first, and that means making sure we are putting money back in their pockets, especially during times of economic growth and success.”

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