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Indiana House Democrats release statement on Biden-funded budget

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democrats today released the following statement after the American Rescue Plan's infusion of funding helped fund long-held Democrat priorities in the updated state biennial budget. The Biden-budget secured major wins for the caucus, incorporating policy proposals previously neglected by Statehouse Republicans. 

“Putting our American Rescue Plan dollars into the resources Hoosiers need now to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has always been on the forefront of House Democrats’ agenda,” GiaQuinta said. “We’re finally at the finish line of a very unconventional session and I’m grateful to see our initiatives in the final budget.

“While it would have been better to make promises - not just empty gestures to get our teachers the raises they deserve, it’s a relief to know that our traditional public schools won’t go yet another year without adequate funding.”

“We are grateful to President Biden and Democrats in Washington for providing the tools to bring transformative change back home to Hoosiers,” Ranking Democrat on the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee State Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) said. “For years, Indiana Democrats have been bringing these proposals to the table and getting turned away. Now, thanks to these new funds, there are no excuses left for the supermajority to hide behind. 

“We believe that good government works for the people, all the people. And the investments seen today in education, teachers, public health and our state’s human infrastructure are a long overdue step in the right direction.”

The following proposals from Indiana House Democrats are now incorporated in the 2021 state biennial budget:   

  • $40,000 Teacher Pay Minimum: Amendment 5 to House Bill 1001 (2021)
  • Increased Funding for Food Banks: Amendment 23 to House Bill 1001 (2021)
  • Various Health Investments: Amendment 24 to House Bill 1001 (2021)
  • Increased Support for School Districts with Low-Income Students: Amendment 8 to House Bill 1001 (2021)
  • Increased Investments for Traditional K-12 Public Schools: Amendment 1 to House Bill 1001 (2021)
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