Hatcher to serve on several justice committees this summer

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Ragen Hatcher (D-Gary) today announced that she has been selected to serve on four interim study committees in preparation for the 2021 legislative session.

The interim committees explore a range of legislative topics. At the hearings, members listen to the testimony of experts and the general public. During the legislative session, permanent committees in both chambers often consider bills based upon the interim committees’ findings.

Hatcher will serve on Interim Study Committees on Commerce and Economic Development, Corrections and Criminal Code and Courts and the Judiciary, as well as serve on the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council.

“It's always a pleasure to use my expertise as an attorney to add to the conversations happening around the courts and justice system in Indiana,” Hatcher said. “With these committees, we will be able to dive deeper into topics like consent, fraud and criminal incarceration and treatment, which will prove to be very useful when I draft my own legislation this fall. It will also be an important time to listen to the voices in my district and echo their concerns in these meetings.”

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