Hamilton amendment to encourage paid family leave blocked

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INDIANAPOLIS - State Representative Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis) today offered an amendment to Senate Bill 361, which clarifies qualifications for economic tax credits.

Hamilton’s amendment would have required that certain applicants for the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Tax Credit must provide at least six weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave. 

Republicans blocked a vote on the amendment by ruling the amendment not germane, despite its relevance to the bill by stipulating eligibility requirements to receive the EDGE Tax Credit.  

“When we give tax breaks to companies that come to Indiana, we should expect something in return,” Hamilton said.

“The ‘new jobs’ that we’ve incentivized to come here often fail our communities by providing low pay with few benefits. By supporting a strong start for Hoosier families with maternity and paternity leave, we’d be investing in Indiana’s economic and social future for years to come. I’m disappointed my colleagues across the aisle chose to block a vote to simply encourage this basic employee benefit for our hard-working families.”

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