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Campbell, Klinker celebrate passage of bill increasing accountability of township trustees

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INDIANAPOLIS - State Representatives Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) and Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) celebrated the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 304, which creates a process to remove township trustees. Klinker is a co-sponsor on the legislation. 

“SB 304 is a positive step forward in increasing accountability in township government and prevents other communities from facing similar indiscretions like our community recently experienced,” Campbell said. “SB 304 is a good bill that will allow townships to remove an elected official that is not fulfilling their elected duties. I look forward to continuing to work on this issue and providing additional guardrails to ensure trustees serve our community with the public’s best interest at heart.”

Language from Campbell’s bill, House Bill 1157, is included in the current version of the legislation. These provisions close a loophole in state government by requiring townships to submit a board-approved budget. If officials do not comply they are subject to removal from office. 

“As our most local government official, it is critical that township trustees serve their constituents with integrity,” Klinker said. “I’m proud to have co-sponsored the bipartisan SB 304 as it solidifies a pathway to remove rogue township trustees across the state. With trust broken and people’s lives disrupted, I believe this legislation provides a productive path forward, so that township trustee issues can be resolved more quickly in the future.”

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