Gore statement on Central Indiana shootings

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INDIANAPOLIS – In response to the mass shooting at Greenwood Park Mall and the shooting of four people during a vigil at a park in his district, State Representative Mitch Gore (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement:

“When is this going to stop? When will we be free of this endless gun violence? There is now nowhere any of us can go without the fear of being shot and killed. Our malls, our schools, our parks, concerts, grocery stores, movie theaters…nowhere is safe. My own constituents– my neighbors and valuable members of our community– were shot in this tragedy. My heart breaks for the families that lost loved ones last night and all those who were impacted including the first responders and the citizen that was forced to protect himself and those around him.

“Our state is failing at addressing gun violence. How many more must die before action is finally taken to stop this madness?”

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