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GiaQuinta co-sponsored outdoor beverages bill passes House, brings new life to Indiana tourism

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Legislation co-sponsored by Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today passed the Indiana House of Representatives. The Fort Wayne lawmaker has championed economic development initiatives that would bolster the revitalization of local economies, including the provisions in Senate Bill 20 that would allow for designated outdoor refreshment areas (DORA).

“These designated outdoor refreshment areas bring new blood to local economies,” GiaQuinta said. “It was an easy ‘yes’ for the Fort Wayne community.” 

GiaQuinta has authored similar bills in the past on the topic of designated outdoor refreshment areas. 

“Looking forward to the potential of expansions in areas like the Landing in Downtown Fort Wayne,” GiaQuinta added. “Lawmakers should give local communities all the tools needed to create a successful dining and hospitality industry. 

“Outdoor dining and drinking zones have revitalized the hospitality industry, saving countless bars, restaurants and jobs. I can’t wait to see how Fort Wayne business owners capitalize on this legislation.” 

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