Campbell points to idle executive leadership as schools struggle to reopen

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) today addressed her concerns about the harmful effects of idle state leadership as schools continue to navigate the in-person or virtual return of students in the fall. The Holcomb administration has largely defaulted to the judgement of local governments for reopening, leaving parents, students, teachers and state legislators with more questions than answers.

“We cannot afford to get the transition back to schools wrong,” Campbell said. “As restrictions have eased, Indiana has seen a dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 infections. The consequences are too high to have state leadership sitting on the sidelines while local governments are left without the resources or guidance needed to protect our communities.”

On June 5, the Holcomb administration released “Indiana's Considerations for Learning and Safe Schools” (IN-CLASS), which Indiana House Democrats critiqued for lacking the uniform minimum standards and stable financial support required to ensure safety and academic prosperity.

“I have worked closely with community members and school leadership in House District 26, and I can assure you all parties want to see kids return to school in some way,” Campbell continued. “However, they do not want to see our schools become the new hot spots for transmission and worry about their capacity to provide a safe learning environment.”

“To prevent this state government must open its checkbook,” Campbell said. “Even before the global pandemic traditional public schools were underfunded, and now they are required to take on the additional financial burdens associated with safeguarding students and staff upon reopening. Today, I am calling on Governor Holcomb to commit to adequately funding the safe return to schools. State government has the responsibility to step up in the time of crisis.”

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