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Campbell commends Tippecanoe County commissioners

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Today, Tippecanoe County commissioners passed an ordinance that places a nine-month moratorium on high-volume water exports. The ordinance includes language concerning the construction or operation of pumps, pipes, wells and other infrastructure. This will not stop INTERA and the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) from completing their ongoing water supply study. Tippecanoe County Commissioners started this initiative in hopes of slowing the IEDC’s proposed LEAP water transfer. 

State Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette)  issued the following statement: 

“This ordinance buys our community something we desperately need – time. The IEDC has purposely rushed this water transfer proposal since the beginning. The Tippecanoe County ordinance gives us breathing room to assure that there’s unbiased oversight and proper water protections.” 

“Part of the idea with the wait period is that it gives us time to get back to the Statehouse. We will be back in January, and I hope we discuss this issue on the House floor. Nine months gives us a chance to review legislation and keep talking to our communities. Our communities have been extremely involved in this conversation, and they deserve to be at the table in this decision. I want to ensure their opinions are shared with the General Assembly. The ordinance will help make that possible.” 

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