Campbell agrees with Dr. Killion regarding buyout of Happy Hollow Elementary

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State. Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) released the following statement regarding West Lafayette School Corporation’s lawsuit to prevent the buyout of former Happy Hollow Elementary that was filed against the State of Indiana yesterday:

“I agree with Dr. Rocky D. Killion, superintendent for West Lafayette School Corporation, it’s appalling that tax payers could be forced to give up an asset to a for-profit business or school in direct competition for the very funding that keeps this public school operating,” said Campbell.

“Any debt on any buildings in this situation also remains with the school corporation when they are forced to give up the asset for $1.”

“This is another example of the Indiana GOP creating education policies that put the interests of for-profit companies before the interests of our public schools, teachers and students.”

The lawsuit asks the court to block the law as a violation of the Fifth Amendment by taking property without just compensation.

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