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Bill co-sponsored by Andrade to address fentanyl crisis passes out of House

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Today in its final reading, State Rep. Mike Andrade (D-Munster)’s co-sponsored Senate Bill 379 passed out of the House with bipartisan support. The new bill will increase the penalty for dealing a drug that is a fentanyl-containing substance.

“Our nation has been flooded with fentanyl, and it has become the leading cause of overdose in the opioid epidemic,” Andrade said. “Since 2019, for Americans aged 18-45, fentanyl deaths have surpassed car accidents, COVID-19, cancer and suicide according to CDC data compiled by Families Against Fentanyl in 2021.

“The presence of fentanyl is also highly unpredictable. Often, people don’t know they’re taking a drug with fentanyl in it because it is able to be mixed within fake pharmaceuticals, candy-colored pills and even other controlled substances. This is an urgent threat to my community and the rest of our Hoosiers, and legislation like SB 379 is needed to strengthen our laws to fight against this poisonous substance. Far too many Hoosier lives have been taken by fentanyl – friends and family members across our community are hurting from the loss of a loved one.”

After SB 379’s passage through the Senate and House, it now makes its way to the governor’s desk.

“I am committed to working with my fellow legislators and local officials to fight against fentanyl and bring its dealers to justice,” Andrade added. “I want to continue to raise awareness about the dangers of fentanyl and the importance of removing it from our communities to save lives.”

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