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Bauer’s bill moves to the House floor

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Today, State Rep. Maureen Bauer (D-South Bend) is proud to announce that House Bill 1219 was approved unanimously 23-0 by the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee. HB 1219 will create a pilot program to monitor the levels of toxic, man-made Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) in the blood of 1,000 Hoosier firefighters.

“Today, we saw that Indiana is committed to protecting the best interests of our state's current and retired first responders,” Bauer said. “We now know that PFAS are in the turnout gear and AFFF foam used to keep both firefighters and our communities safe. Repeated exposure to PFAS can cause life-threatening health complications. Our firefighters deserve to know how the tools they use on the job are affecting their health. Offering firefighters the option to know their own blood PFAS levels could be the difference between early detection or a life-threatening diagnosis.

“These chemicals have been used since the 1950’s. For decades, no one has been measuring the level of exposure in the fire service. While it may be too late for the many firemen and women who have fallen to cancer in the line-of-duty, we are on the brink of protecting the next generation of firefighters with this legislation.

“As this bill moves before the full House, I remain hopeful that we will protect those who protect and serve us.”

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