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Bauer calls for safe storage legislation in the wake of tragic accidental shooting death of infant

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State Rep. Maureen Bauer (D-South Bend) issued the following statement in reaction to the unintentional death of 1-year-old Kylin Brooks due to access to an unsecured firearm:

 “Today, my heart aches for the family of Kylin Brooks as they grieve this unimaginable loss. Yet another child has lost their life due to a firearm being improperly stored in a home where children are present. While I extend my sincere condolences, I also grieve that this tragedy was completely preventable.

“Since 2020, there have been 16 unintentional shooting incidents involving minors in St. Joseph County, with five of those resulting in fatalities. I call on elected officials to recognize the need for common-sense, safe storage legislation. We must continue to promote responsible gun ownership in our state, and require firearms to be properly stored to prevent children from gaining across to a deadly weapon, like the loaded handgun left under a pillow that killed Kylin. 

 “This year, I worked on a now-enacted law which requires all Indiana public schools to send home public safety information about how to safely store a firearm in a home where children are present. This will help promote safe home environments, and help educate parents and caretakers of best practices to properly store a firearm out of a child’s reach.

 “The South Bend Police Department will continue to provide free gun locks at their headquarters located at 701 W Sample St. — no questions asked. It is my hope that our community will not have to mourn the loss of another child due to access to an unsecured firearm.”

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