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After Indiana hits highest-ever state gas tax, Indianapolis Democratic delegation continues call for gas tax suspension

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INDIANAPOLIS – Friday, Indiana’s gas taxes will hit a record-high of 80.5 cents per gallon. As Democrats’ call to suspend the gas tax enters its fourth month and Republicans have yet again pushed back the special session intended to provide economic relief for Hoosiers, Indianapolis members of the House Democratic Caucus issued the following statements:

“The constant increase in gas taxes is a windfall to our already huge state budget surplus,” said State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis). “We should lower the tax now and get serious about using the surplus to invest in our people. Public relations tricks are not what is in order.”

“As we enter the fourth month of unmet calls for suspending the state’s gas tax, many families are now having to decide between fuel for their vehicle or food to feed their families,” said State Rep. Renee Pack (D-Indianapolis). “Economic relief for Hoosiers has now been pushed back three weeks. Why do the Statehouse Republicans continue time and time again to ignore the cries of help from those that are desperate for relief?” 

 “Another delay? At this point, any reasonable Hoosier must be asking themselves: Are Republicans actually going to deliver on any economic relief for Hoosiers? We issued our call to suspend the gas tax in March, and as we enter July, Hoosiers are facing the highest gas tax in state history. We must suspend the state gas tax immediately and get people the relief they need,” said State Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis).  

“As I've stated before, the ATR is a good first step, but it can hardly pay for two tanks of gas,” said State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis). “People are struggling and we can help, so suspending the gas tax will reach a lot of people, including those who didn't get the first ATR and aren't slated to get the second round.”

“With many Hoosiers struggling to make ends meet, we should do everything we can to ease the burden,” said State Rep. Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis). “By suspending the gas tax, we can help our constituents during a very difficult financial time. While we should have done this months ago – as our Caucus has called for – taking action now would still make a sizeable impact.”

“We’ve been calling on Indiana Republicans for months to help Hoosiers by suspending the gas tax,” said State Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis). “Now, with the state gas tax reaching a historic high this month, Republicans announced we won’t be meeting until late July. Hoosiers struggling to fill up their tanks to get to work can’t wait. If Republicans can’t get it together and come into work when the governor originally called us in, we have to suspend the state gas tax to give Hoosiers a break.”

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