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After Indiana hit highest-ever state gas tax, Bauer continues call for gas tax suspension

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INDIANAPOLIS – Friday, Indiana’s gas tax will hit a record-high of 80.5 cents per gallon. As Indiana House Democrats’ call to suspend the state gas taxes enters its fourth month and Republicans have pushed back the special session intended to provide economic relief for Hoosiers, State Rep. Maureen Bauer (D-South Bend) issued the following statement:

“Net gas tax collections for the year are already $33 million ahead of revenue projects for the year. Combined with the $6 billion-plus surplus, we are in an excellent position to suspend the gas tax through November to provide immediate economic relief to families,” Bauer said. “Thanks to an increase in road funding from federal Democrats, local workers are busy rebuilding our roads. But record high fuel taxes - that increased this month - hit working families the hardest. Increased costs of commuting to and from work cause families to feel a pinch in the pocketbook on other necessary expenses.

“Republicans have delayed our special session, which means Hoosiers likely won't receive any form of relief until October. Hoosiers need relief now – and that's why we must suspend the gas tax immediately.”

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