Wright study of protections for seniors set to begin this summer

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Melanie Wright (D-Yorktown) said the Probate Code Study Commission is scheduled to begin work shortly on her proposal to improve protections for older Hoosiers who are seeking guardianships.

Legislative leaders assigned the proposal contained in House Enrolled Act 1600 to the commission during a recent meeting of the Legislative Council. The study will focus on determining regulated qualifications for family guardians, as well as regulations covering the protection of seniors’ assets.

“The need for this study is a direct result of the growing financial exploitation of seniors that has been taking place in Indiana over the past decade,” Wright said. “In that time, the number of cases reported has doubled, and most of those have dealt with guardians who are taking advantage of seniors when making decisions concerning their financial assets.”

The problems that have taken place were demonstrated for lawmakers by Pam Douglas, a constituent of Wright’s, whose mother experienced abuse and financial exploitation from a guardian.

“My intention is to make sure there are safeguards put in place for Hoosiers who seek guardianship assistance, and this study is a good first step in that direction,” Wright said. “I hope that commission members will take the time to listen to the stories told by people like Pam Douglas, then take proper action.”

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