Women of the Indiana House Democratic Caucus weigh in on Roe v. Wade overturn

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INDIANAPOLIS – Responding to today’s United States Supreme Court decision to overturn the longstanding provisions and protections ensuring a woman’s right to make personal healthcare decisions, House Democratic Caucus Chair Terri Austin (D-Anderson) and House Floor Leader Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statements: 

“Having control over your body, whether it’s your reproductive health, or the best decisions for your life and your family, are fundamental human rights,” the women said. “They are personal decisions that need to be made by a woman and her physician, not a room of 150 legislators in Indianapolis. Women who can control decisions about their bodies and their reproductive health have the ability to influence the outcome of their future and their family’s future.”

“Indiana does a very poor job of making birth control available to women,” Austin added. “We could drastically reduce unintended pregnancies and the need for abortions if we would allow women to purchase hormonal birth control over the counter as 15 states and counting have done. Access to over-the-counter birth control saves lives, allows women to plan their families and provides for better health outcomes.”

“Indiana already has the third highest rate of maternal mortality in the nation,” Pryor added.  “Hoosier women cannot afford any legislation that puts them at a greater risk of dying due to pregnancy. Instead of working to restrict abortions in the state, the legislature ought to be striving to support existing pregnant women and infants. For example, we'd like to see a workplace pregnancy accommodations law with teeth actually pass – the one that Statehouse Republicans passed does nothing to substantively protect women and their babies.”

“Protecting women’s reproductive rights is protecting women and their futures,” the women said. “Indiana House Democrats will remain vigilant to any attempts from the Republican majority to restrict access to family planning and health care.”

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