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Summers: Indiana Supreme Court decision will cost women their lives

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State Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement today regarding the Indiana Supreme Court’s decision upholding Indiana Republican near-total abortion ban passed last summer:

“I’m incredibly disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision, which will ultimately cost Hoosier women their lives. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised. This is Indiana.

“Science and facts tell us that abortion bans don’t prevent abortions, they prevent safe abortions. Women will always seek to have control over their own bodies, regardless of any bans set in place by a government body. With this ban one step closer from taking effect, we need to be prepared to see an influx of women facing unnecessary medical complications and death from either attempting to end their pregnancies on their own, being forced to wait until they are ‘sick enough’ to warrant a life-saving abortion, or simply not being able to access abortion services.”

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