Statement from Hamilton after Bray’s letter threatening funding cuts to schools

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INDIANAPOLIS – Yesterday, Indiana President Pro Tempore Rodric Bray sent a letter to school corporations threatening to cut funding despite previous promises from Governor Eric Holcomb. Bray's letter warns that schools not returning to full-time in-person instruction would be subject to current law, cutting funding per pupil by 15 percent. State Representative Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement in response to Bray's letter:

“While Senator Bray was threatening to cut funds to Hoosier schools, Indiana had its worst COVID-19 day to date,” Hamilton said. “This pandemic is real and is not going away any time soon. State government should be supporting schools as they try to offer a safe learning experience, not discouraging it.

“Instead, Bray's announcement puts schools in an even tougher spot. Republicans have insisted that how schools reopen should be a local decision, and the Governor has stated that schools would be made financially whole throughout the pandemic. 

“Bray's announcement pressures schools to choose vital funding over the health of students and our communities. Indeed, schools that have opted for virtual instruction under promises of full funding now stand to lose millions of desperately needed dollars. Our schools and students need a lifeline, not an anchor. I strongly encourage Senator Bray to reconsider his position.

“In the coming days, I will be reaching out to Governor Holcomb and State Superintendent McCormick to work to secure full funding for our schools.”

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